computational language understanding lab


Steven Bethard, School of Information

Peter Jansen, School of Information

Clayton Morrison, School of Information, Statistics GIDP

Mihai Surdeanu, Computer Science, Linguistics, Cognitive Science

Postdocs, Research Scientists

Rebecca Sharp, Computer Science

Marco A. Valenzuela-Escarcega, Computer Science

Ajay Nagesh, Computer Science

Egoitz Laparra, School of Information


Dane Bell, Linguistics

Gustave Hahn-Powell, Linguistics

Enrique Noriega, School of Information

Mithun Paul, Computer Science

Farig Sadeque, School of Information

Dongfang Xu, School of Information

Vikas Yadav, School of Information

Zheng Tang, Computer Science

Fan Luo, Computer Science

Michael Curamen, Computer Science

Research Programmers

Thomas Hicks, Computer Science


Rebecca Sharp obtained her PhD Linguistics in 2017 and is now a research scientist in the CLU lab.

Peter Jansen was a postdoc in this lab before he obtained his position in the School of Information.

Marco A. Valenzuela-Escarcega obtained his PhD in 2016 and is now a research scientist in the CLU lab, as well as a co-founder of

Daniel Fried, Computer Science, now a PhD Student at Berkeley

Anh Tran, PhD Computer Science, now at Google